Wastic Plastic Granulating Recycling Line

Wastic Plastic Granulating Recycling Line

This line can recycle the waste plastics such as aggriculture films, jumbo bags, cement bags etc and it can make granules from the waste plastic directly

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wastic plastic granulating recycling line

This line integrates crushing, washing, granulaating process and it can recycle the waste plastics such as aggriculture films, jumbo bags, cement bags etc. This waste plastic recycling line can make granules from the waste plastic directly. The double column mechanical screen changer, bigger filter area; the water ring pellet cutting solves the problem of material stickiness.

The material will pass crushing and washing system to remove the dirty first and they conveying into pelletizing line. The extruder of pelletizing has water squeezing structure, which can remove the water during extrusion. With two stage extruson process, it can get good quality granules as final output. The entire brief and effective designed production line makes it very popular at home and abroad.

Features of wastic plastic granulating recycling line

1. The entire production line has high automaticity. It is full automatic production line. It just needs a person to feed waste plastics in front and a person to collect end pellet product at the back.

2. Material contacting part is made of stainless steel

3. The end pellet product has no air bubble. The pellets are mellow and full.

4. The pellet appearance is round disk type. The size and thickness is adjustable.

5. Forced feeding device, main machine, and pellet cutter is controlled by frequency converter.

6. Screw and barrel adopts 38CrMoAl material. The surface is nitrided and strengthened, which increases its servicing life.

7. The gearbox is hard tooth surface oil cooling gearbox. The weight is half of soft tooth gearbox. It is wear resistant. The servicing life 3-4times increased. The loading capacity increases 8-10 times.

8. Water ring cutter is connected with die directly. After water cooling, dewatering, and sent to silo by fan, there will not be break and stop problem.

9. There are dewater and degassing holes to ensure the quality of pellets.

10. Non-stop hydraulic screen changer. There is pressure sensor on the die which indicates when to change screen. It doesn't need to stop the machine when changing screen. It changes fast.

Technical data

ModelCrusherextruderScrew SpeedMotor of extruderCapacitykg/h)
FG-20022kwSJ10020-100 RPM55KW/15KW150-200
FG30030kwSJ11020-100 RPM75KW/22KW250-300
FGR-40045SJ12020-90 RPM90-110KW/30KW250-350
FGR-50055SJ15020-90 RPM110-132KW/30KW400-500
FGR-80075SJ18020-80 RPM132-160KW/45KW600-700

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