Plastic Recycling Granulating Machine

This plastic granulator is used to pelletize the recycling scraps like PP woven bags, PE shopping bags, agricultural film etc. to granules. But this granulator has an agglomerate tank on extruder, it is suitable for all kinds of plastic film, such as PE, HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE.

A plastic granulator is a machine used for size reduction, an essential step in plastic recycling. Plastic granulators have the ability to quickly break down plastic products such as plastic bottles, crates, drums, and films into small, uniform pieces called “regrinds” or “flakes”. In some cases, this maybe the only step required before it can be reused in manufacturing new plastic products. For the most part, however, recycling of plastic scrap requires much more resources in sorting and separation, size reduction, washing, and pelletizing.

In a plastic granulator, cutting knives are mounted on an open rotor spun to high speeds by an electric motor. This rotor is encased in a cutting chamber where stationary knives are mounted. As the plastic scrap enters this cutting chamber, the rotating knives come into contact with the stationary knives cutting the plastic into little pieces. A large screen with many holes is placed at the bottom. The plastic will continue to mix and be cut by the knives until it is small enough to fall through this screen. Hence, by adjusting the size of the holes, one can control the size of the cut shreds.

In addition to our standalone granulators, we also offer fully configured granulator systems which include electrical controls and cabinet and any required inlet or outlet systems such as conveyors or air discharge. Our plastic granulators can easily be integrated with existing shredder or grinder systems and plastic recycling equipment.

Plastic granulators are designed to be robust and long lasting. However, it’s very important to keep a granulator properly maintained which will prevent costly repairs or parts exchanges in the future. First and foremost, it is essential to routinely sharpen and rotate both the rotor and stationary knives. This will ensure maximum granulation efficiency as well as putting less stress on the wear and tear of the machine.

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