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Plastic Recycling Machine

If you’re looking for plastic recycling machines, you’re at the right place. Whether you’re interested in a plastic shredder, plastic grinder, plastic granulator, or plastic scrap shredder, we delivers the absolute best plastics size reduction machinery – period. We make that statement based on experience. We back it with proof from our customers.

Plastic Recycling Machine usually include plastic crushing & washing line, plastic granulating line. With complete machine set, client can make plastic granules from waste plastic directly. According to different requirement, the machine could be designed as different types.

Our factory has combined both shredder and granulator features to create a line of plastics shredders that meets virtually all plastics processing challenges including industrial plastic scrap.

1. The production line is used for recycling PP, PE film, with conveying, crushing & granulating function.

2. Easy operation, high output, best quality with competitive price.

3. Equip with dewater device, can make the granular dry and beauty.

PET bottle/flakes washing and recycling line is mainly on the recycling of waste PET bottles by separating labels, sorting, crushing, and mixing cleaning, floating washing, dewatering and many processes to recycle, harmless treatment, which is preceding procedure of further to the PET bottle/flakes recycling. It is widely applied in all fields of waste PET bottle recycling proceeding procedure.