Compounding Granulation Machine

Function of Plastic compounding granulator machine:

The use of special screw design and different configurations is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastic recycling and color mixing granulation. Reducer box with high torque design help to achieve a smooth operation without noise. Screw and barrel with a special hardening treatment is wear-resistance, good mixing performance and high yield. vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust design, can empty the water and air in the production process, so that the material will be more stable, which can ensure good quality of product.

Working principle of Compounding Granulation Machine:

The use of high-temperature melting, plasticizing, extrusion process to change the physical properties of plastics to achieve the plastic Plasticization and molding.
Application of Compounding Granulation Machine:
Plastic granulator machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bag, bag, etc.), Applicable to most of the common waste plastics, waste plastics recycling industry is the most widely used in plastic recycling.

The whole production line of Compounding Granulation Machine:

Raw Materials or Recycle Materials (Raw Materials +Additives) – Extruder Mainframe (Plasticizing, Extruding into Consecutive Columned Strips) – Cutter (Cutting, Sends Out By Air Machine) – Whirlwind Cooler (Cooling, Forming and Dedusting) – Air Machine –Whirlwind Cooler (Further Cooling, Forming and Dedusting) – Blender (Mixing, Dispersing and Adding) – Finished Products.

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