Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The Extrusion Blow Molding Machine is based on a standard extruder barrel and screw assembly to plasticize the polymer.

The Machine can produce all kinds of PE Container, such as PE Bottles, PE Barrels and PE Kettles etc.

The Extrusion Blow Molding Machine consists of the following components:

Clamping system: Fixed two-way translation module

Structure extruding system: hard gear box + Delta inverter

Die system: Storage die

Hydraulic system: Yuken hydraulic valve/oil pump and electric hydraulic proportion control

Circuit system: Mitsubishi PLC + man - and - computer interface + Temperature - controlled module

Advantages of the extrusion blow molding machine:

1. The machine with safety ratio, no harm to the human, avoid the danger of taking out bottles by hand, reduce the loss of accident, and improve the efficiency.

2. High speed high efficiency: the new model machine equals to 6 semi-automatic.

3. Saving labor: The machine operate by one person or one person can operate two sets, saving 3~4 labors

4. Stable performance: Adopts world famous brand PLC touch screen Human Computer Interface, have the characteristics of accuracy, high speed, stable performance.

5. Adopts heating by infrared tubes, can heat thoroughly and evenly, the draft cooling system can guarantee the perform heating and container mouth stable cooling. PLC control the temperately segmentally, heating tunnel is designed reasonably.

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