Fragrance Diffuser

Aromatherapy machine through the ultrasonic shock equipment generated by high-frequency electronic shock, the water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into 0.1-5 microns in diameter nano-cold mist distributed in the surrounding air, so that the air filled with a variety of fragrance. After the winter heating indoor air dry, people will appear chapped lips, throat dry cries, mouth dry cough, dry skin, nose bleeding and other "warm dry" symptoms, aromatherapy machine use a variety of ways to water atomization, so that the room to maintain a high Of the humidity, and produce a certain number of natural negative oxygen ions, can treat and relieve influenza, hypertension, bronchitis and other diseases, and the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the body's metabolism play a protective role. Aromatherapy is a kind of fashion, a kind of culture, is the pursuit of high taste of life group of a spiritual sustenance.
Inspired by the sunny lavender fields of Tibet Plateau, our fragrance diffuser brings the soothing scent of fine Chinese blossoms into your home.
The subtle scent of our home fragrance diffuser welcomes guests and enhances the mood of any room. Eight reeds and elegant glass decanter packed in a window box.

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