FGC Automatic Plastic Bottle Neck Cutting Machine

FGC Automatic Plastic Bottle Neck Cutting Machine

Nowadays, the cutting industry mainly uses manually extrusion cutting style, this cutting style needs operator to operate the machine, speed is limited; the qualified rate is different because of the different operator skills. Due the extrusion on the container mouth, the force is not even and cannot guarantee the cutting precision. Extrusion Cutting also causes many flakes, it wastes material. Faygo Union Machinery automatic rotary cutting style is updating solution for this industry. It hugely reduces the cost for factory in labor, material and qualified rate. Our cutting adopts the soft cutting style, it protects the container mouth and does not causes any flakes, it can guarantee the smooth ending and saves the material for you.

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Holding bottle device, and moved device, and deflashing device three in one whole. The machine has features of good quality, high safety performance,compact structure,simple operation and maintenance,small volume,light weight,low noise and so on.You can change few accessories to cut size diameter of plastic drum and incision is smooth carrot-free.


 The merit is: holding bottle device, and moved device, and deflashing device three in one whole,not only can deflash edge on the blow molding line and blow bottle ,but also can guarantee deflashing device and holding bottle device to move synchronously so that eliminate the movement error.Ensure cutting quality,and the whole structure is simple with high cutting efficiency.


1. Production line features:High output,economic labor and good quality.


2. The design is rational, structure is compact and operation is easy.


3. Manner of adjustable: frequency conversion controller. 


4. Character: low noises. Save electricity30%


5. Extrude systemType: it adopts three section gradual change screw with rhombus shape, which contribute to the good plasticizing effect. 


6. Lift Framework:adjusting the gap between mould inlet and the mould can minimize the remains of the products.


7. The automatic level is very high so save the salary and expenses.


8. Multifunction incision machine;Stable performance.You can adjust the speed and knife rest to make the bottle size cutting out meet the best sealing requirements.The product incision under high efficiency is smooth,neat and no laciness.

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