Automatic Plastic Bottle Neck Mouth Cutting Machine

Automatic Plastic Bottle Neck Mouth Cutting Machine

1. Production line features:High output,economic labor and good quality. 2. The design is rational, structure is compact and operation is easy. 3. Manner of adjustable: frequency conversion controller. 4. Character: low noises. Save electricity30%

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Holding bottle device, and moved device, and deflashing device three in one whole. The machine has features of good quality, high safety performance,compact structure,simple operation and maintenance,small volume,light weight,low noise and so on.You can change few accessories to cut size diameter of plastic drum and incision is smooth carrot-free.


 The merit is: holding bottle device, and moved device, and deflashing device three in one whole,not only can deflash edge on the blow molding line and blow bottle ,but also can guarantee deflashing device and holding bottle device to move synchronously so that eliminate the movement error.Ensure cutting quality,and the whole structure is simple with high cutting efficiency.

Main Parameter & configuration





Cutting speed


Cutting platform height


(±100mm adjustable)

cutting motor

Delta servo motor

conveyor length

2000mm*2 groups

conveyor motor

delta speed motor

cutting container height


Low pressure air capacity

0.1m3/min 8bar

Air Cylinder


cutting container diameter

more than 3 container sizes needs extra cost

control system

Mitsubishi PLC control system








Free Spare parts


6 pc

Tool box

1 set


Our Services


1. Payment Method

30% by T/T as down payment70% by T/T paid before delivery.


2 . Mechanical Warranty

One year warranty and come with at least one year recommended spare parts.


3. Delivery & Packing

Delivery Time: 20 days after get down payment &preform, bottle samples

Packaging requirement:

1) The special packaging box is according to the immunity standard in China,it suits for long-distance transport, damp proof, rustproof, land way and seaway

2) Transportation ways: Sea transportation


Company Information


Packaging & Shipping



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