Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machine is a machine which makes plastic particles into bottles through the certain process. It can be divided into two kinds: full-automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic Blow Molding Machine is a two-step straight-line PET automatic machine that can manufacture bottles of different capacity. The Productivity of the machine per hour refers to the capacity of the bottle you want. Different specifications and structural design of blow molding machine can fully meet the needs of different domestic and foreign customers.


Automatic system is easy to operate and reduce malfunction, also can help accelerate blowing speed. Heating speed is fast and evenly,which can save more energy. Hydraulic clamping mechanism and strong mold clamping can ensure the machine function smoothly and well. The chain of heating box imports form qualified company. It is durable and keeps machine stable. Meanwhile, good bottle heating system to ensure the bottle is not so easy to be deformed. Intelligent program settings can ensure the safety of operator's life.

How to choose?

In general, we choose the type or models according to your own products. For different dosage of manufacturers, the general concern is the size of the bottle and the output per hour. It is critical to choose the type you need according to your own needs.

6 steps to make bottles:

1) put the heated plastic embryo into the mold;
2) use mold clamping cylinder to lock mold tightly;
3) then use high pressure or mechanical structure to lock embryo mold;
4)medium pressure pre-blowing, meanwhile stretching the cylinder action to expand the embryo mold;
5) high pressure blowing, preforms makes stereotypes according to mold, and pressure for a certain time;
6) release the high pressure in the bottle, reset the cylinder- take the bottle.

We have all kinds of blow molding machine, which can produce different sizes bottles. If you have interest, pls feel free to contact us!

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